Acting Technique Class

Acting Technique

Actors need to be authentic, truthful, emotionally connected, imaginative, energised, expressive and engaging. They must be able to employ a range of techniques to shape, fulfil and sustain a stage or screen performance.

The Actors’ Program has practical technique classes that will:

  • Teach actors script analysis and interpretation techniques that will assist in pre-rehearsal and on-set prep for stage and screen
  • Give students the skills to approach and perform classic and contemporary texts with ease, understanding, truth and the versatility to bring any type of script alive in performance
  • Explore a variety of techniques both classic and contemporary, that give the student a tool-box from which to draw when acting on stage and in front of a camera
  • Allow the actor to develop her or his own imagination, creative voice, emotional truth and ability to connect with other actors in an organic and generous way
  • Enable the actor to improvise scenes in a variety of situations, e.g. script creation, character exploration and development, rehearsals, auditions, role-play employment, on-stage improvised performance and on-screen filmed improvisations. Also to further use improvisation skills in the creation of self-devised work for stage and screen
  • Broaden and deepen the actor’s characterisation through research, practice, solo and group improvisation and a variety of specific classic and modern techniques taught in the classroom, in rehearsals and in performance
  • Prepare the actor for real-life professional performance work
  • De-mystify and clarify the audition process through classes with, and on-site auditions for, casting agents