Alumni Shows

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2016 Location Film Project

When Sam intervenes to save a young woman from attack he sets off a thrilling chain of events he could not have foreseen.  A stylish modern Thriller, Balloons pays homage to the great Alfred Hitchcock.

Directed by Michael Hurst  

Written by Jess Sayer  

Produced by The Actor's Program and Votre Arme with the support of The Wallace Foundation.




2017 Location Film Project

Follow a $10 note as it passes through the hands of an eclectic mix of inner city survivors over one short night. An intimate glimpse inside their diverse yet unifying worlds.

Directed by Emmett Skilton

Written by Sara Wiseman

Produced by The Actors’ Program and Love, Blood & Rhetoric Productions, with the support of The Wallace Foundation.


The Engagement Party

2015 Location Film Project

As friends and family descend on an engagement party, wicks are short, fuses are lit and 'the big bang" is no longer just a theory.

Directed by Katherine McRae

Written by Sam Shore

Produced by The Actors’ Program and Candlelit Pictures, with the support of The Wallace Foundation. 

The Engagement Party

$1 Reserve

2014 Location Film Project

When Jocelyn finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, she sells his prized possessions on Trade Me. 
But when she realizes she’s got it terribly wrong, Jocelyn has to track down his stuff from the buyers to win him back. 
$1 Reserve is a look at the connections we make with strangers through Trade Me transactions.

$1 Reserve