Movement, one of The Actors' Program's core classes


Whether on stage or screen an actor’s body must be relaxed co-ordinated, expressive and fully connected to the vocal, emotional and intellectual truth of his or her character.

The actor must also have an ability to fulfill a director’s physical instruction quickly, easily and professionally, bring offers to the floor or set regarding outer action and character’s physicality and maintain a healthy strong and released body throughout a long play, season or shoot.

To produce these physically capable and expressive professionals The Actors’ Program has movement classes that will:

  • Help the actor release tension, lose ingrained physical habits and become more flexible
  • Build the strength and stamina required for the physical demands of performance
  • Develop the co-ordination to fully inhabit outer actions, including choreography within a production
  • Facilitate confident, free and varied physical expression that relates specifically to dramatic play and performance
  • Broaden the actor’s range to inhabit a variety of character energies, physicality,
    body language and type
  • Produce actors who are sitting inside their bodies with confidence and move organically and instinctively within a scene
  • Enable the actor to physically interact with other actors
  • Develop an awareness of stage and screen dynamics and an ability to fulfill physical instructions from directors and/or choreographers
  • Practice skillful use of props, furniture and costume on stage and screen
  • Integrate all physical skills learnt into acting techniques, rehearsals and performance
  • Teach healthy physical habits and routines that will carry actors through the demands of a performance season or intense shooting block. This includes nutrition, personal warm ups for performance and physical release after performance