Voice class


Voice training is a key component of the Actors’ Program. The actor must develop a physical, technical and creative understanding of his or her own voice. Having a connected, expressive, authentic voice is vital for sustaining a career as an actor on stage and screen.

These exciting and dynamic classes will:

  • Develop breath support, linking breath with impulse and thought
  • Achieve the understanding of how to effectively use voice with stamina, freedom and control for all performance demands, as a working actor
  • Connect physical relaxation and movement with vocal expression and release
  • Develop physical and emotional connection to the voice
  • Embrace sound and movement
  • Explore and free-up pitch and vocal range, resonance, and vocal dynamics
  • Develop the articulators in order to explore the muscularity and power of language
  • Release and express the power of words, using classical and contemporary texts
  • Practice exercises which prepare the actor for auditions, rehearsals and performance for stage, radio, voiceovers, film and television
  • Develop song performance technique
  • Broaden accent, and dialect range and ability