Class on stage after a performance


Will I be taught by John Callen, Michele Hine, Michael Hurst, Cameron Rhodes, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and Sara Wiseman?

Yes. All our artistic directors create the curriculum, choose tutors and where possible, either teach or direct on the course. You will also be mentored by one of the artistic directors through your study.

Will I have a recognised qualification at the end of this program?

Students will receive The Actors’ Program Diploma of Achievement.

Is the program linked with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)?

No. Due to the practical, industry-oriented nature of the Program, The Actors’ Program is an independent organisation unaffiliated with an academic authority.

Will I need further study to enter the industry?

No. The Program is designed to produce industry-ready actors.

Is there financial assistance available?

Successful applicants may consider consulting The Funding Information Service ( to see if they qualify for grants or scholarships. Due to our independent status, The Actors’ Program is not eligible for student loans.

Will I be able to work while undertaking this Program?

Yes. The course is four days a week, leaving three consecutive days for students to undertake paid work. There are also three two-week holiday breaks through out the year.

Will I be able to undertake professional acting work during the year?

We encourage our actors to continue to grow their careers in the industry. Professional work will be considered and will require prior approval, as long as a balance is struck between meeting course requirements and undertaking external acting opportunities.

If I’m not a New Zealand resident, will I be able to take this program?

Citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand and Australia (with some restrictions on Australian permanent residents) can study on the program, but others may not since the Program is not accredited by the NZQA.
See the New Zealand Immigration website for information.

Where is the Program based?

The Actors’ Program Studio
283 Karangahape Road
Newton, Auckland 1022

See our Contact page for more information.

Will my work be seen by industry professionals?

Yes. During the year students will be seen by selected guests, in performances and screenings, culminating in a graduation season open to the public and profession.

Are there any other course-related costs?

No. Students will be required to come with appropriate clothing and footwear but all other costs are contained within the course fee. We encourage students to attend theatre and film performances as often as possible to enhance their learning and we, where possible, assist with sourcing discounted tickets to performances.