Fun acting class in session


"I've been seeing 21 year olds for a role on Shorty and I've had heaps of your grads. They all have a lovely attitude, are well prepared and ready to, so well done guys."

— Andrea Kelland, Casting Director

"I believe that a year-long, part-time course during which students keep one foot in the real world is a very sensible move. It will be a course that sets out to create relationships and interlinks between its graduates and their future colleagues both on-camera and behind the camera, both on-stage and in the creative process. The Actors’ Program sets out to enable new careers, provide pathways, create opportunities and open doors for young people who are focussed on advancing their passion for the craft of acting in theatre and on screen."

— Miranda Harcourt, ONZM

"The idea of the Actors’ Program is a breath of fresh air. It’s high time that there was a course of limited duration, offering practical skills and taught by seasoned professionals. A course which prepares its students for the realities of the industry, and enhances their chances of working."

— Rachel Lang, TV/Film Producer

"An absolute smorgasbord of everything an actor could hope for; this is the best thing I have ever done."

— The Actors' Program Current Actor Trainee

"TAP has been brilliant; I have felt terrified, challenged, rewarded and inspired."

— The Actors' Program Actor

"The Actors’ Program is a return to the ‘basics’, the development of core skills geared specifically to performance. It’s an exciting new venture that will deliver a new age of actors directly to New Zealand’s stage and screen industry.”

— John Callen

“What makes this course unique is its intense, pared-back nature and its high expectations of its students to be mature, independent and self-motivated professionals from day one. This is an exciting return to the core basics of being an actor and will give our students the skills to thrive in a tough and demanding industry. I am delighted to be working, alongside a group of like-minded individuals, to nurture the next generation of fine performers.”

— Michele Hine

“The Actors’ Program is an exciting, intensive, year-long course learning from the best in the business. Every tutor is a highly successful professional working in, and familiar with the needs of the acting industry in NZ. I am thrilled to be part of this course that will truly equip the students with the skills to succeed.”

— Cameron Rhodes